Progressive Monopoly

Chapter 4.  When Ann was the Government

Ann is generous to a fault. She’d not only give a stranger the coat off her back, she’d then feel guilty that the coat wasn’t the right size or color.

From the previous game, she knew she could add new Regulations as she wished, so her first turn as the Government was to give Mark and I $100 each “just because we’re family” – how’s that for an example of crony capitalism? . . .

After five full hours of play, I realized that no matter what bonehead transactions I made (trying to go bankrupt), Ann would rescue me with some Government grant or credit. By rescuing me, then her brother, then me, she put us through an economic Hell - we were stuck in perpetual play, with no hope of winning.

I finally had to go outside the rules to end the misery. I fell back on the parental prerogative to say, “It’s way past bedtime, so we have to stop.”