"pistol-caliber system"

"The newly designed Aero Survival Pistol is compact, lightweight, and built to disassemble quickly, making this pistol the ideal firearm for anyone who is concerned with safety or interested in outdoor activities. Like its predecessor, the Aero Survival Rifle, the ASP is available in Hard Black Anodize, and two bold variegated finishes, pink/black and green/black. The Aero Survival Pistol is available in .45 ACP, 9mm, and .40 calibers. Both the ASR and ASP are machined from aircraft aluminum."  (source: TNW Firearms)

  • Multi-caliber pistol (currently available in 9mm, .40 cal, and .45 cal)
    • Conversion kits are available - bolt and barrel with nut are included
    • Threaded muzzle available
    • Scheduled for 2015: .22 Magnum and .22LR models/kits
  • AR-style pinned lower; indexed barrel with large, perforated barrel nut
  • No tools required to remove or attach barrel
  • Uses factory Glock magazines or KCI aftermarket mags (one 17rd is included)
  • Overall length of 21" (only 17" with its 8" barrel removed for transport)
  • About 5 lbs without magazine or ammo

  My ASP in INDOOR mode
(to investigate things that go bump in the night)

  • SigTac SB-15 (stabilizing brace) attached to buffer tube
  • ADE green laser and 200 lumen LED combo under receiver
  • Folding sights removed from rail (not useful inside the house)
  • PBW lightweight aluminum sling loop added to rail
  • Several Glock factory 9mm 17rd mags
  • Use of a Trust-made Form 1 suppressor (not shown, but ATF approval received)
  • Federal HST 147gr 9mm +P (subsonic) ammo for home defense
  • Washougal River 115gr 9mm ammo for practice

My ASP in

(to hold your ground against invading hordes)

  • Illuminated 4x32 RGB scope with built-in fiber optic aiming device
  • Tactical One single point sling added (for hands-free transport)
  • Use of a temporary Dragon Claw bipod
  • KCI 9mm 34rd mags replace Glock mags

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